martedì 24 gennaio 2012

Mytheresa shoes

I love shoes, and I'm constantly looking on the internet for new shoes. The other night on mytheresa I found these beautiful shoes I can't stop thinking about! They're Valentino, one of my absolute favorite brands. They are rose pink suede sandals with stiletto heel and platform side coated, T-strap belt with square gold colored studsankle strap with side buckle brown leather and pearl-colored leather sole. Aren't they amazing? I'm sure there are some of you who will like them and some which will love them, its a love or hate thing, I....LOVE THEM :)
I also found these shoes at mytheresa! They are amazing, they're Gucci black in leather ankle boots, I just love them, simplicity always wins!

These are Rupert Sanderson, must I say anything else? They're just wonderful, I love these too.

These are shoes by Marni, I love these because they are classy even if they have a lot of detailed embellishments, I think these shoes are really great because they look good with almost everything! 

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