domenica 29 gennaio 2012

Lets do the snow dance together

Its been snowing since yesterday (which is a great thing), and today I wanted to go take some pictures in the snow because I just can't resist the contrasts that you can achieve! This is the first snow I've seen this year(and last year as well because when it started snowing I went to Dubai as you can see herel) so I was really surprised and happy when I saw it was snowing that much! The fist thing that came to my mind was making a snowman but I didn't have a lot of time so I just wrote The Brunette Lens in the snow!
What I'm wearing:
shoes: Tods / jeggings: Hollister /  coat: add / scarf: subdued / hat: river island /
p.s. Brrrrrrrrrr ahahah!

venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Black & White

This isn't really the outfit of the day, but I felt like doing something with contrasts today. In the white dress I portray the more angelic side of me and of people and in the dark dress I show the darker side. I love these two dresses but since they are very formal I don't have many occasions to show them to you guys :( Anyways now you can see them ahaha I hope you like them :)
White outfit:
Dress was a gift
hat vintage
shoes by Lella Baldi

Dark outfit
Dress by Blumarine
Zara shoes (from a year ago)

martedì 24 gennaio 2012

Mytheresa shoes

I love shoes, and I'm constantly looking on the internet for new shoes. The other night on mytheresa I found these beautiful shoes I can't stop thinking about! They're Valentino, one of my absolute favorite brands. They are rose pink suede sandals with stiletto heel and platform side coated, T-strap belt with square gold colored studsankle strap with side buckle brown leather and pearl-colored leather sole. Aren't they amazing? I'm sure there are some of you who will like them and some which will love them, its a love or hate thing, I....LOVE THEM :)
I also found these shoes at mytheresa! They are amazing, they're Gucci black in leather ankle boots, I just love them, simplicity always wins!

These are Rupert Sanderson, must I say anything else? They're just wonderful, I love these too.

These are shoes by Marni, I love these because they are classy even if they have a lot of detailed embellishments, I think these shoes are really great because they look good with almost everything! 

domenica 22 gennaio 2012


Today after studying I decided to take a break and go visit Venaria with my parents since the weather was so good today it seemed like a shame to not go outside and enjoy it. Venaria is a cute little place, we were going to visit more but the que was infinite so we decided to take some pictures from the outside :) 
what I'm wearing?
Add jacket
Subdued sweater
A&F neon shirt
Intimissimi leggings
Ugg boots
Avant Premier sunglasses 

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

In my wardrobe

Wardrobes, who doesn't like them? I LOVE THEM :) I recently got a new wardrobe since my old one was way too too small. It took about a week for me and my brother to finish building it, with the lights and the lifting this, hand me the screw driver or hold this straight. Anyways, since I first spotted it at Ikea I knew it was love at first sight lol. I think that wardrobes somehow really describe someones personality, by how much space they need, how much care they put into their wardrobe and of course what goes in the closet, if you have more heels than sneakers or more sweatpants than jeans or skirts. Today I  decided to post pictures of my wardrobe and whats inside it.. :)

domenica 15 gennaio 2012

Colorful in Dolce and Gabbana

Its been really fun hanging out with my brother, playing wii, laughing until we cry or make someone laugh because ours is just histerical, but his time left in Italy isn't a lot :( Last night we went out to one of my favorite restaurants in Torino "Birilli". We went there to 'celebrate' my brother's last weekend in Italy (for now).                            

                                                                   What I'm wearing?
                                                                        Chanel Coat
                                                              Dolce and Gabbana dress
                                                                      Carpisa clutch
                                                                 Christian Louboutin

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Oops, I just Stumbled!

I recentley 'stumbled' on this really cool website. Basically it has you fill in your interests and then when you click 'stumble' it takes you to websites from all over the world that are about your interests! I found some pretty cool stuff with stumbleupon! For example I love making cupcakes and today I stumbled upon this recipe that makes muppet cupcakes and they are just so cute I have to make them and show you guys a picture!    This is the webpage I stumbled on :)

Vintage fun

Its getting colder and colder but I keep feeling warmer and warmer even if the temperature is quite low. Today I couldn't help thinking how this school year has flown by! It really feels like september was just behind the corner and now is thousands of miles away!! Anyways my exams are FINALLY over and on monday I'll know if I passed or not (lets hope I did :) ) Yesterday I got this really cool blazer from my mum and thought it was perfect for a new look of the day.  I also found this really cute vintage bag in my mums closet which I absolutely adore, its small, not too boxy-looking and adorable! (I like saying this bag is cute and adorable ahaha)!
What I'm wearing?
Brandy & Melville shirt
H&M Blazer
Stradivarius Skirt
Vintage bag
Marina Galanti heels

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Have you ever had a sandwich with lettuce, cheese and ham from all around the world?

I bet you haven't, yet! Check out my amazing brothers blog. Its full of interesting things from videos (like the worlds most typical person) to beautiful photos of his time spent in Hong Kong, and many other places like Italy, Dubai and so so so so soooo much more! If you've never tasted this sandwich and want to just click here!

Winter Chic

Today school started, what?! Yep vacations are...OVER! After a long day of working and carrying around books in my backpack I wanted to show you what I wore for today's look of the day. I wore a classic white sweater dress with long dark chocolate socks and ugg boots to add that extra touch of winter to the outfit. I think this look is really comfy and can be made suitable for a party by wearing heels :)
What I'm wearing?
Glenfield sweater dress
Calzedonia socks
Ugg boots
Dior lipstick
Photos taken by Nick


Erika Marie from Fashion Chalet is having a giveaway with a prize no one would ever refuse! This is an amazing bag, I certainly would love winning :) Enter here before its too late and you miss out on this fabulous prize! 

domenica 8 gennaio 2012

Mission Missoni

MISSION MISSONI. I was unpacking the last few things from my suitcase today and putting them into my closet when I found my missoni t-shirt. I absolutely love the patterns it has and the colors are just gorgeous. Since I wore this a while ago I decided to make the perfect combination of warm colors on a cold wintery day. 
What I'm wearing?
Boots: Sergio Rossi
T-shirt: Missoni 
Jeans: H&M
Bag: Furla 
Watch: Chanel
Bracelet: Accessorize 
Ring: Gift
lipstick: Chanel

sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Dubai, Atlantis

My second last day in Dubai was spent at Atlantis. Here are some of the pictures of me at Atlantis, there was a lot of people there and there was so much wind but the view was breathtaking! That day we decided to go to Altantis so that we could visit the Palm and look around. During the night we went for some shisha,were i managed to learn how to order one in arabic, min fadlik wahed a nab wa nana shisha shukran(excuse me can i have a grape mint shisha, thanks), I'm not sure if thats how its spelt but thats what it sounds like  :)
PHOTO CREDITS : GiuliaNick and Alex :)
What I'm  wearing?
————>                        Abercrombie and Fitch Tank Top
                                                           NuMPH dress
                                                           A&F Jeggings
                                                       Via Maestra sandals
                                          Hérmes Bracelet & Chanel watch

venerdì 6 gennaio 2012

Delicious little things :)

These are the cute and super yummy desserts we had a few nights ago! They're really easy to make, and so worth it :)

Meeting Chiara, what I wore :)

This is the outfit I wore when I met Chiara. I wanted to be comfortable but still pretty, elegant and fashionable. These are just some photo's of my outfit.What I wore:
                                                              Abercrombie and Fitch Tank Top
                                                              Brandy and Melville Net Tank Top
                                                                              Zara Blazer
                                                                       Hollister Jegging
                                                               Christian Louboutin Heels
                                                                      Hérmes Bracelet                                                                                                 
                                                                       Tory Burch clutch
                                                                          Chanel Watch  
                                                                    Photos taken by: Giulia

Dinner with Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

While visiting Dubai I got to meet the blogger from The Blonde Salad Chiara Ferragni! I met her and her boyfriend Riccardo. They were both really fun and interesting.  That night  I also met Kristina Bazan from Kaytureshe was also really nice :).Unfortunately I don't have a photo with Kristina but these are the pictures I took with Chiara and my friend Giulia :) I did only meet them for that one night but they seem like wonderful people, and what I loved is that they were really down to earth :) I hope to meet her soon again :)

I wont be blogging

Heyy everyone! I have to go because my flight is boarding and connection is weak but i wanted to say that i will be blogging the 8th of January, so not today or tomorrow. sorry guys :( Today I am flyring back to Milan so I wont have wifi.

lunedì 2 gennaio 2012


Rise and shine everyone :)
I hope everyone has already started the day off well, some starbucks coffe, Krispy Kream (Heavan in a doughnut). Its almost 11. 30, the sun is up high in the sky, the shops are all open and I've got my camera ready. Later in the day I will be posting my first outfit photos aka head to toe outfit :) I cant wait to show you guys my H to T!

I think this quote is perfect, its one of my favourites. Its ironic and so true at the same time :)

Do you Christian Louboutin?

I simply love Christian Louboutins, I think they are beautiful!

Today I got a pair with my friends and I'm in love with them already :) Enjoyy!!

Drinks up, its new years :)

These are some quick snapshots of what I did on the morning of New Years :) Me, Giulia and my amazing brother nick :)

Another year came to an end and what better way then to spend it with friends? Giulia, Ana and me had a great time, we went to a party where we met loads of people and just had the time of our lives! Here you can see what I wore which was really comfortable :
Hollister cardigan
Brandy and Melville dress
Tally Weijl sandals
Hermès bracelet 
I was really really comfortable with what I was wearing and it felt great :)
I hope all of you had a safe and amazing New Years, I certainly did!

domenica 1 gennaio 2012

²̶̶º̶̶¹̶̶¹̶̶ / ²º¹²

 Hey everyone!
Sorry for the massive delay! I was just so so so so busy, anyways 2012 has started and i haven't had a chance to tell you about 2011. During 2011 I have had amazing experiences and have had lots of fun, with my friends, on trips, at parties and with family.  This year I went to Birmingham with my classmates, I had loadss of fun! We visited the one and only Cadbury Chocolate Factory :) We visited many places and just had lots of fun! Unfortunately I don't have pictures :(
~~~A little bit later on the 11 of Jan I went to my best friends birthday party where i met new people and just enjoyed my time :)

 This was the banner we made for her! We brought her to this amazing park where we hung this up at the entrance! She really liked this :)
 This was us before going to dinner to meet other people! From left to right :The birthday girl, Charli and then me :)
This was a picture they took of me at the party:)

Ahh summertime, don't you just love summertime??, When you have time to relax, when you go to sleep at 5 in the morning because you went to a party not because you had homework to do, when you can just sit for the whole day under the sun with high hopes of getting a nice tan without peeling right after,  go to the beach, meet new people, sit in the sun with your best friend and checking out guys, when you can just take everything easy and have lots of fun! well, I LOVE IT!!
This summer I went on a cruise for a month, it was simply amazing. It was my first cruise ever and I was not expecting it to be that good. We went to Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ucraine :)
This is the first cruise, it was in Greece and Turkey:

and this is the second cruise, it was in Greece, Turkey, Romania and Ucraine :)



To anyone out there who has never been on a cruise, GO NOW! ahaha :)

After the cruise I saw my best friend I met many years before when I used to live in Dubai, and almost 6 years had passed since I last saw her. I was so so soo happy to see her! I couldnt feel the huge 'gap' of time that had passed, we are so close it feels like i saw her yesterday! 

That was basically my summer, I loved it and had so much fun :)
For halloween and other vacations I went to the mountains with some friends and family.  Now I'm on christmas vacation like I'm sure most of you are, I got loads of really cute presents but the best one was a surprise ticket to Dubai for me and my brother :D I was all over the place when I found out and I smiled non-stop!
I met some really nice people here in Dubai and had loads of fun at parties, people are very welcoming and definitely know how to party :)