sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Dubai, Atlantis

My second last day in Dubai was spent at Atlantis. Here are some of the pictures of me at Atlantis, there was a lot of people there and there was so much wind but the view was breathtaking! That day we decided to go to Altantis so that we could visit the Palm and look around. During the night we went for some shisha,were i managed to learn how to order one in arabic, min fadlik wahed a nab wa nana shisha shukran(excuse me can i have a grape mint shisha, thanks), I'm not sure if thats how its spelt but thats what it sounds like  :)
PHOTO CREDITS : GiuliaNick and Alex :)
What I'm  wearing?
————>                        Abercrombie and Fitch Tank Top
                                                           NuMPH dress
                                                           A&F Jeggings
                                                       Via Maestra sandals
                                          Hérmes Bracelet & Chanel watch

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  1. amazing pictures :)

    xx from Paris,

    Blonde Symphony