domenica 1 gennaio 2012

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 Hey everyone!
Sorry for the massive delay! I was just so so so so busy, anyways 2012 has started and i haven't had a chance to tell you about 2011. During 2011 I have had amazing experiences and have had lots of fun, with my friends, on trips, at parties and with family.  This year I went to Birmingham with my classmates, I had loadss of fun! We visited the one and only Cadbury Chocolate Factory :) We visited many places and just had lots of fun! Unfortunately I don't have pictures :(
~~~A little bit later on the 11 of Jan I went to my best friends birthday party where i met new people and just enjoyed my time :)

 This was the banner we made for her! We brought her to this amazing park where we hung this up at the entrance! She really liked this :)
 This was us before going to dinner to meet other people! From left to right :The birthday girl, Charli and then me :)
This was a picture they took of me at the party:)

Ahh summertime, don't you just love summertime??, When you have time to relax, when you go to sleep at 5 in the morning because you went to a party not because you had homework to do, when you can just sit for the whole day under the sun with high hopes of getting a nice tan without peeling right after,  go to the beach, meet new people, sit in the sun with your best friend and checking out guys, when you can just take everything easy and have lots of fun! well, I LOVE IT!!
This summer I went on a cruise for a month, it was simply amazing. It was my first cruise ever and I was not expecting it to be that good. We went to Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ucraine :)
This is the first cruise, it was in Greece and Turkey:

and this is the second cruise, it was in Greece, Turkey, Romania and Ucraine :)



To anyone out there who has never been on a cruise, GO NOW! ahaha :)

After the cruise I saw my best friend I met many years before when I used to live in Dubai, and almost 6 years had passed since I last saw her. I was so so soo happy to see her! I couldnt feel the huge 'gap' of time that had passed, we are so close it feels like i saw her yesterday! 

That was basically my summer, I loved it and had so much fun :)
For halloween and other vacations I went to the mountains with some friends and family.  Now I'm on christmas vacation like I'm sure most of you are, I got loads of really cute presents but the best one was a surprise ticket to Dubai for me and my brother :D I was all over the place when I found out and I smiled non-stop!
I met some really nice people here in Dubai and had loads of fun at parties, people are very welcoming and definitely know how to party :)

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