giovedì 30 agosto 2012

10 thousand views!

As I checked my views and comments today I noticed I reached 10 thousand and 40 views! I'm so proud and happy about the blog! Of course I couldnt have got 10 thousand views without you guys always comig and reading my blog an I thank you all very much! :) 

martedì 28 agosto 2012

Ombre or Brunette Lens?

I recently got my hair done while I was in Dubai. I got my hair dyed so it had that ombre effect that I just love! Funny story, the hairdresser screwed it ALL up, I'm telling you my hair was literally black until the height of my ears and then this weird orangey blonde all the way down to my shoulders :/
So basically after a while the hairdresser did it again and fortunately she was able to fix it and now it looks like proper ombre hair, phew right?
Anyhow, here are some photos of me right after I had my hair fixed and finished! 
Stay tuned for outfit photos with my ombre hair!

Welcome to the new Brunette Lens

Welcome welcome! How are you guys adjusting to the new banner and layout of the blog? I personally find it much nicer and clearer to look at. I liked the black background but I think that white makes it more serene and clearer and is also much nicer to look at. I don't know if its just me but if I would have to read a lot of things with a black background it makes me squint a lot more than with a white background. Tell me what you guys think about it now, was it better before, are there things that should be changed? Todo!

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Goodies post...Part II, Italy

Yes, it feels good to be back, get back to the ordinary life at home you miss after a while of being away. Today I went out with my mother to do some shopping, everything is from Stradivarius apart from the bag which is from a cute small shop which makes handcrafted bags.
I have to get some things sorted out before I take more photos because the lighting of my Nikon is being weird so the colors are different from what they really should be...
I've been back for 3 days now and I'm leaving again tomorrow but I'll post outfit photos with all the new things I got!

Goodies...Part I Dubai!

While I was in Dubai we visited a lot of places and one of them was Dubai Mall (its huge) and there were so many things to see and cute things to buy. Some of my favorite shops were Ladurée (I LOVE their macaroons, yum!) Magnolia bakery (their cupcakes are the best ones I've ever had), S*uce store (they had the coolest things and funkiest pieces of jewellery and embellished sweaters) and the list goes on and on!
Right now I am waiting for a few photos to arrive but as soon as I have them I'll show you guys how I wore each and every thing I got, so you'll see it in a more detailed version.
I dont think I realised just how much stuff I bought until I took these photos!

P.s. stay tuned for tomorrows goodies post part II !

domenica 26 agosto 2012

Back at home...

I came back from Dubai yesterday at 2 in the afternoon. As soon as I got home my parents showed me my brand new room which I absolutely love. I was shocked and amazed that that was my room! First of all the color of the walls was different, then they put in all the new furniture, a new macbook pro, new curtains, Chanel posters everywhere and it was just the best surprise ever, its my dream room! I took some photos of my new room so that I can share it with you, now keep in mind my parents paint and built everything thats in my room in 2 weeks, without professional help, I think they deserve an applause!

domenica 12 agosto 2012


Today my brother, alex and me went paddle boarding on the Burj beach. It was my second time and Nick's (my brother) first time paddle boarding and it was really fun and a good workout for our arms at the same time! I cant wait for the waves to be good in Dubai so that I can go surfing :D
p.s. SUP stands for Stand or Surf Up Paddle!