lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Goodies...Part I Dubai!

While I was in Dubai we visited a lot of places and one of them was Dubai Mall (its huge) and there were so many things to see and cute things to buy. Some of my favorite shops were Ladurée (I LOVE their macaroons, yum!) Magnolia bakery (their cupcakes are the best ones I've ever had), S*uce store (they had the coolest things and funkiest pieces of jewellery and embellished sweaters) and the list goes on and on!
Right now I am waiting for a few photos to arrive but as soon as I have them I'll show you guys how I wore each and every thing I got, so you'll see it in a more detailed version.
I dont think I realised just how much stuff I bought until I took these photos!

P.s. stay tuned for tomorrows goodies post part II !

                                                           Louis Vuitton Never full bag, I love it!

                                                                   Forever XXI floral tank top
                                                                            Rip Curl T-shirt

                                                                           Christian Dior flats

Hermés bangles

                                                                         H&M necklace

            Stradivarius dress, its black and gold but it looks a little brown because of the camera, so sorry!
                                                                   Forever XXI dress

Chanel Lipstick (Rouge, 19, Gabrielle), Yves Saint Laurent arty ring, Aldo shades and Deborah makeup

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