martedì 31 luglio 2012

Inspirational photos..!

These are just some photos with things I really like, for example I love love love fringe bikini's and saw one at Yamamay which I think I'm going to get! I also really like the variations of stacked bracelets. Hope you enjoy the pictures :)


My new Balenciaga in Baby Pink

I recently received this super cute bag as a gift and have always used it since. I love the color because I'm a fan of pastel colors so this bag is just right, besides, who doesn't love Balenciaga's?!

domenica 29 luglio 2012

Quick sum up.. :)

I'm in Dubai again and it feels great, its summer time, exams are over, no more having to wake up early in the morning, just total two-month relax! I havent blogged in a long long time but now that I'm in Dubai with my friend Giulia which is also a blogger, she'll make sure I post a lot! To catch up I went to Madrid a few months ago and it was amazing, the city is just beautiful and with a lot of things to go see (I highly reccomend it to you guys, its a must-see city). I'll be putting pictures of Madrid up soon enough. Then two weeks ago I was in Glasgow for my brothers graduation (another really cool place to see). I was there for a week and I also went to Edinburgh which was really interesting to see (I also met the lady that has a guiness world record for the biggest quantity of piercings! She was really nice). When I came back from Glasgow I went to the seaside and went surf up paddling which is a lot easier than it seems and a lot of fun! Now I'm in Dubai and having a good time! I got here in Dubai the 27th night and yesterday I went shopping with Giulia and she got a gorgeous bag which you'll be able to see soon enough on her blog. I also bought a clutch, Its kind of a mix of a Stella McCartney falabella bag and a regular clutch, I just loved it as soon as I saw it!
What have you guys been up to? Hope your having a really good summer!
This is a quick preview of what I've been doing:

Templo de Debod, Madrid:

My brothers graduation in Glasgow (congrats Nick I'm really proud of you!)