giovedì 25 ottobre 2012


My current obsession, has gone from loafers, to (now that its cold) sneakers! I recently saw Chiara Ferragni's (The Blonde Salad) glitter sneakers online, and I fell in love with them immediately, but then while I was walking in Torino with my family today I saw them and just fell even more in love (I might buy them on saturday) =).
The one thing that (actually two things) stop me from directly buying those sneakers are the Isabel Marant sneakers with the hidden wedge and the Gienchi studded ones!
Which ones would you guys pick? :)
p.s. none of these photos are mine :)

Chiara Ferragni glitter sneakers

        Gienchi studded sneakers (I would probably either get them in black with silver studs, or all black, or white and gold studs!)

Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers! 

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