domenica 22 aprile 2012

Parco del Valentino

Unfortunately I still haven't been able to go to Madrid but the flights got sorted out and I''ll leave for madrid the 7th of May, its been so hectic lately with many many things to study with exams coming up and presentations to make for a school thats coming to visit soon, my subject is Italian fashion (yayyy) and I chose Gucci so I'll see if once its done I can manage to get my powerpoint up here! Today was a good day so I decided to go with my mom to Parco del Valentino. I'd only been there once before and never really got to see it well until today. Its such a nice and relaxing place, where a lot of families go to take a walk, play football, take some pictures...ect.  I wore a really basic look but comfortable for going to a park, I wrote my brand new red vans and my new scarf! 
p.s. Happy Earth day! :)

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