domenica 19 febbraio 2012

Lost & Found

I recently found some pictures I had taken of my cat and I thought it would be nice to share them with you guys! This is mainly a fashion blog but, I also created it due to my passion for photography :) tell me what you guys think!! I cropped these pictures because I thought you can see her 'expressions' in these photo's! 
p.s. her name is Ginger and I loooooooove her  :)

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  1. Hey..
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.. GFC is google friend connect. You need to click on 'Join the site' in the sidebar to complete your entry, as it is only for members of the blog :))
    Do it soon and ill enter you! :)

    1. Hey :)
      Ohhh ahaha now I get it, I joined it and my name is Silvia Pieri :)

  2. Hi! thank for your comment in my blog.
    Don´t worry I know speak some english :)
    I have seen your cat... IT´S A LOVELY! I also have got a cat :3 are gorgeous and I love cats!
    well, one kiss and again, thanks!

    1. Ahahah thank you :) and no problem :)