venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Vintage fun

Its getting colder and colder but I keep feeling warmer and warmer even if the temperature is quite low. Today I couldn't help thinking how this school year has flown by! It really feels like september was just behind the corner and now is thousands of miles away!! Anyways my exams are FINALLY over and on monday I'll know if I passed or not (lets hope I did :) ) Yesterday I got this really cool blazer from my mum and thought it was perfect for a new look of the day.  I also found this really cute vintage bag in my mums closet which I absolutely adore, its small, not too boxy-looking and adorable! (I like saying this bag is cute and adorable ahaha)!
What I'm wearing?
Brandy & Melville shirt
H&M Blazer
Stradivarius Skirt
Vintage bag
Marina Galanti heels

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